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At Andrea M. Kennedy and Associates, you have access to a broad range of professional services and human resource expertise to address a diverse range of corporate issues.

Whether you run a small, family-owned business, or you are a leader of a large multi-site organization, we are eager to partner with you to address your unique needs and provide long-term, meaningful results.

After reviewing our list of services, please contact us with any questions regarding your current needs. It’s our mission to transform businesses into innovative, engaging organizations where people, service, and profits thrive. It would be our privilege to partner with you.


“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.” – Jack Welch, Former General Electric CEO

Let us partner with you to help envision the ideal work culture to facilitate your business strategy. Because a company’s culture drives organizational performance, customer service, employee engagement, and retention, it is a critical business matter that necessitates professional expertise and attention. We understand how to create and sustain a highly engaged and productive culture that drives people productivity and profits. In fact, we have worked with clients to achieve the highly coveted Best Companies to Work For and National Employer of Choice.

Through a combination of assessment tools, key metrics, and team meetings, we establish a comprehensive plan to align HR infrastructure (hiring practices, rewards, performance management, training and development, and succession plan systems) to drive business strategy.

Finally, and critically important, we establish ongoing monitoring and accountability systems to ensure sustainability and heighten long-term value.

“The average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the individual’s first-year earnings. A single bad executive hire with an annual income of $200,000 can equal a $60,000 loss for the employer.” – The U.S. Department of Labor

Selecting a new CEO or senior executive is undoubtedly one of the most critical and consequential business decisions. We incorporate your unique needs into a successful executive search process. We provide proven experience and expertise in facilitating the selection of a top-notch candidate well suited for your business.

We are committed to the following success strategy:

  • Solid understanding of your business, leadership team characteristics, capacities and competencies, specific position needs and history, corporate culture and business strategy
  • Advice establishing a competitive compensation and relocation package
  • Identification of outstanding candidates only
  • Coordination of candidate interviews and on-site support as needed in the actual interview process
  • Engaging and convincing top candidates in the superior value of the opportunity including the marketplace, business, and particular role
  • Successful negotiation of employment terms and conditions including employment contracts
  • Support in relocation and onboarding activities

“Nearly two-thirds of executives do not receive outside leadership advice, but nearly all want it.” – 2013 Executive Coaching Survey The Miles Group and Standford University

Executive coaching provides leaders with a focused and deliberate strategy to generate practical actions based on sound, repeatable, and professional behaviors. Executives are coached towards excellence in leadership, based on a specific context and customized measurements. Executive and leadership coaching tools include personality and behavioral assessments, 360-degree assessments, shadowing, and interviews with key stakeholders.

With more than twenty years of coaching experience in diverse industries and businesses, Andrea M. Kennedy brings credibility, creative problem solving, effective communication, and results orientation to help your leaders strengthen their capabilities and that of their work teams. Andrea is a Certified Coach by the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence and holds a DiSC Assessment Certification.

“Roughly half of responding businesses lacked confidence that they’ll be able to keep up with constantly changing HR rules and regulations. At the same time, half or more of the responding companies see the compliance landscape becoming even more challenging over the next one to three years.” – Competition, Cost Control & Compliance: Strategies to Navigate a Changing HR World

Conducting a comprehensive or targeted human resource compliance audit will help your company recognize strengths and identify areas that need attention in the human resources function. A thoughtfully executed HR Audit will reveal noncompliance and provide remedies.

Because of the complex and ever-expanding Federal and State employment laws, many employers have prudently decided to proactively and periodically conduct HR audits rather than react when serious issues surface and resolutions become complex and costly. A comprehensive HR audit reviews the following areas for compliance:

  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Forms review
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance management system
  • Personnel file review
  • Termination process and exit interviews

We look forward to partnering with you to give you peace of mind in the administration of your human resource practices.

“A recent study revealed that 64% of HR practitioners thought their practices were actively contributing to the organization, yet only 23% of line managers agreed.” – The Measurable Value of Human Resources from

Because employee payroll and benefits represent the largest operating expense for most service companies, it’s critical to leverage your human capital investment. We partner with you to evaluate your human resource function and implement best practices in the following areas:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Performance management
  • Competitiveness of benefit and pay practices
  • Onboarding and offboarding practices
  • Employment policies and procedures
  • Workforce engagement
  • Human Resource team capacity and competencies

Let us work with your organization to optimize employee productivity, satisfaction and retention.

A Gallup poll of more 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the No. 1 reason people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor.

Research repeatedly demonstrates that leadership is the key factor that influences employee passion, customer devotion, and organizational vitality. Building leadership skills and capacity should be a top priority in your organization as well as cultivating leadership bench strength as the war for talent continues to grow. At Andrea M. Kennedy and Associates, we work with clients to identify and nurture high-potential talent and provide resources, such as leadership workshops and individual development plans, which increase competence and confidence.

Teamwork and Team Building are also essential ingredients for organizations to flourish. Just a few of the reasons to invest in these efforts include:

  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Better communication
  • Heightened staff motivation
  • Increased creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Greater synergy within and between teams including staff and leadership

Let us work with your organization and leaders to increase synergy and team effectiveness within and across departments.

“Organizations are like kids, it’s all about development. If you give them good, strong values, a clear vision of the future, and the view that everything is possible, they will grow up to be like that and . . . vice versa.” – Henrietta Zalkind, Down East Partnership for Children

Organizational Development (OD) is a thoughtful and planned approach that evaluates processes and people to improve an organization’s effectiveness and health. We work with businesses undergoing critical transitions, to strengthen organizational effectiveness and improve business performance.

OD efforts include enhancing the quality of organizational work through human or technical investments, strengthening the organization’s capacity for evaluation, communication, and collaboration and aligning systems to drive accountability and inspiration for walking the talk.

Some OD services include:

  • Change Management – working with boards, management teams, departments, committees and other groups to help plan and implement significant changes in their organizations such as culture shifts, leadership transitions, and work re-organizations.
  • Talent Management – helping managers assess their department’s workforce so that the right people are in the right roles with the right set of skills at the right time.
  • Meeting Design and Facilitation – working with clients to implement best practices to improve the effectiveness of time spent in meetings and follow through.  
  • Team Development – helping a team to develop its ability to work more effectively.
  • Business Process Redesign – working with a group to analyze the current way of doing work to determine whether there is a better way to design how the work gets done.

“Under California law, an employer is required to promptly and thoroughly investigate any claim of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. The obligation to investigate arises out of the affirmative duty under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, to take all reasonable steps necessary to prevent discrimination and harassment from occurring.” (Cal. Gov. Code section 12940(j) and (k))

barry-byer-endorses-andrea-kennedyFederal and state harassment/discrimination laws impose a legal duty on employers to investigate employee-related complaints. Workplace investigations are conducted for a variety of different reasons some of which include:

  • Abusive behavior
  • Attitude problems
  • Discrimination complaints
  • Harassment complaints
  • Retaliation claims
  • Safety issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Threats against others
  • Vandalism and other sabotage
  • Violation of workplace rules and procedures
  • Workplace theft

If your organization receives a complaint, we will work with your in-house or outside counsel to help you respond with a thorough, diligent, and effective workplace investigation. Based on the factual findings of the investigation, we will recommend options to negotiate and resolve the complaint. Equally important, we will implement measures to reduce the likelihood of a similar complaint in the future. We will also work with your organization to proactively to build or revamp your complaint systems and related policies and procedures so that they are in place prior to your organization being notified of an employee complaint.


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